Hi and welcome to Life Pursuits !

Life can be drudgery or it can be an exciting adventure - depending on which road you choose to take!

I believe that we all can live the life we desire, if we actively seek it and move in direction of our dreams.

Now this does not mean that everything in life will run smoothly (I'm sure you've figured that out already), nor does it mean that we won't have to learn some new things and un-learn some old ones, change some of our beliefs and perceptions and have some wins and some losses.

Having experienced life's ups and downs I have learned some strategies and acquired a resilience which enabled me to overcome the challenges and curveballs life threw at me and live happy, fulfilling life no matter what happens! Now I want to give back and enable others to do the same.

My passion and purpose in life is to see people progress and grow - I hope you will allow me to help you be one of those people!
Our programs:
- 1 hour introductory session to our Relationship or a Career workshops and seminars (delivered face-to-face or via a webinar)
- 3 hour Home Workshops (get a group of friends together, fire a barbie and have fun learning more about relationships - even if you think you know it all already!)
- 1/2 day Corporate Workshop as part of your business Health and Wellbeing or Employee Development Programs
- 2 day Weekend Seminar (a full 16 hour program delivered in selected Venues)
- 3 day Weekend Retreat (learn, relax, be pampered or network and re-kindle your love or career mojo)